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Pop-up Classes: Fusion Jazz & Sassy Heels (with Edith Cruz)

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Fusion Jazz (Intermediate/Advanced)

Edith's Fusion Jazz looks like a mix of jazz, hip-hop and contemporary! Edith creates an atmosphere where dancers can feel cute, sexy and empowered all at the same time. Some days we jam to Ed Sheeran. Other days we jam to Beyoncé. The point is, the power of diversity is incredible. You can look forward to something completely different each week.

Class will start with a warm-up, then jump into some improv exercises, and finish with a fun combo!

Sassy Heels (Beginner/Intermediate)

Lifehack: dancing in heels is easier than walking in them. Crazy, right? This class is an escape from life – a time where you can let your hair down (literally), take charge and reinforce the sex appeal you already have. This class is a beginner-intermediate level because it is less about the choreography and more about the movement.

When you walk into class, Edith gives you a rough draft, and you make the final copy! A.K.A Express yo’ self! Class starts with a fun and upbeat warm and then you'll jump right into a combo!

This class can be taken with heels or no heels! (But heels are better we promise.)

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